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About Pomme pidou

How do I recognise a real Pomme pidou?

There are a few ways to check the authenticity of your Pomme pidou.

  • If it is a figurine, there is a small label on it with the name of the animal e.g. 'Freddy'. However, it is possible that the passport has been lost over time.
  • If you own a money box, you can check whether there is a Pomme pidou stamp on the white or black cap at the bottom of your money box. Do you see a brand name? Congratulations! You are the happy owner of a real Pomme pidou!

Are you still not sure whether your product is a real Pomme pidou? Send some pictures of the product to hello@pommepidou.com and we will help you soon!

From which country does Pomme pidou come?

Pomme pidou is a lovely Belgian brand.

How did Pomme pidou originate?

There is a special page for this! Please click here.

Can I work at Pomme pidou?

At the moment we have no vacancies but we do appreciate spontaneous applications. Please send your cover letter and CV to hello@pommepidou.com.

Can I work with you?

It is possible. Please send an e-mail to hello@pommepidou.com and we will assess your request as soon as possible.

How do I contact your Marketing and Press team?

Please send an e-mail to ilse@pommepidou.com.

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